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As a digital marketing agency, our SEO Packages are intangible services that do not have a physical product to be returned. Therefore, our return policy for SEO Packages is based on the terms and conditions agreed upon in our service agreement or contract.

Typically, our service agreement or contract outlines the scope of work, timelines, deliverables, and payment terms for our SEO Packages. It also includes our policies on cancellations, refunds, and modifications to the contract.

If a client wishes to cancel or modify our SEO Package service before completion, they can reach out to our customer service team to discuss the available options. However, please note that any changes or cancellations may be subject to fees or penalties, depending on the terms outlined in the service agreement or contract.

If a client is dissatisfied with the results of our SEO Package service, we will work with them to identify the issue and find a solution. However, due to the nature of SEO, it may take time to see significant results, and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or rankings.

Therefore, our return policy for SEO Packages is based on the terms outlined in our service agreement or contract. Clients can reach out to our customer service team for any questions or concerns regarding cancellations, refunds, or modifications.


As a web development company, our return policy may vary depending on the specific project and services provided. However, here is an example of a general return policy for our development services:

  1. Initial consultation: We offer an initial consultation to discuss the client’s requirements and expectations. During this consultation, we will provide a detailed scope of work and project proposal.
  2. Project acceptance: Once the client has accepted the project proposal and signed the contract, we will commence the development work.
  3. Progress updates: We provide regular progress updates to the client, including screenshots and access to a development where the client can see the progress of the project.
  4. Testing and feedback: Once the development work is complete, we will provide the client with a test version of the website or application for review and feedback.
  5. Revisions: We offer a reasonable number of revisions to ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations.
  6. Final acceptance: Once the client approves the final version of the product, we will provide the final deliverables.
  7. Refunds: If the client is not satisfied with the final product and the issue cannot be resolved through revisions, we may offer a partial refund or credit towards future services.

It is important to note that this is a general policy and may vary depending on the specific project and services provided. We encourage clients to read the contract carefully and ask any questions they may have before signing. We are committed to providing high-quality development services and strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product.


The return and refund process may vary depending on the WDG policies and the specific product or service purchased.


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