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The path to starting your own business isn’t always smooth—i’m sharing here experience of many entrepreneur. Fortunately, it sounds good business have success stories, especially when you’re facing COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s discuss business plan from the successful entrepreneur, it will help you in many ways- getting a business plan, or finding a space. Even the most successful businesses—small, medium, and large alike— challenges & problems during all days. And it can be so helpful to remind yourself you’re not crazy for feeling overwhelmed.

“Every business suffers from crises – can be economical, manpower and financial. who manage this – can be a successful entrepreneur.” When you’re facing problem in deep with started business, it can be very easy to think about quitting- or shutdown everything, but learning about other’s success can help upscale your spirits. To inspire you, take a look at business success stories at wdg and what you can gather from each to boost your own business decisions.

Vectus Pipes

Vectus Pipe is a brand of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) pipes used for plumbing and water supply systems. These pipes are manufactured by Vectus Industries Limited, a leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems in India.

Vectus Pipe products include pipes for hot and cold water supply, pressure pipes for agriculture and irrigation, and sewerage pipes for drainage systems. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for a variety of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Vectus Pipes are known for their high-quality standards and compliance with international standards such as ASTM and ISO. They are also eco-friendly and safe for drinking water as they are free from heavy metals and other harmful substances. WDG has helped Vectus Pipes with Mobile App Development.



Ultimate group
of Musicians


Divine Group has been a huge cultural force since it burst upon the musical scene. Traditionally, Divine Musical Group has been especially popular among younger, adults and teenagers. Divine is a Versatile Latin band in Los Angeles. It is composed by 10 elements that dominate and combine the art of music to perfection.


innovative idea
of Synbioceuticals


Prrobiotics are useful micro-organisms that make up the oral, intestinal and vaginal flora. The probiotics market is booming and a vital topic for the future of medicine.

BellaVie offers an innovative line of microbiotics and synbiotics with a science-based approach focused on current global health issues.

bella formula


Artapix design brand experiences in the digital age.

If you are looking for a branding agency, even do a renovation.

Art Logo


Unique Amber Collection

You deserve it..Explore our exclusive mix of Pendants, Tasbis, Beads, Bracelets, Pashmina and much more.

Find exclusive jewelry from Amber Boutique


Best Tours to Serngeti

Let’s Go, Discover! Travel Stories, Advice, Inspiration, Recommended Tourist Places, Unlimited Deals, Best Price, Happily Memories


Fix your drainage
or leaks

If you are looking for a plumber to come and fix your drainage or clogs or even do a renovation.

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