Replicating data with all-the-time uptime.

The golden alternative for database replication to achieve high availability, scalability and near real-time data integration. Enable high-performance replication and data integration for Oracle® and other databases, such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, SAP HANA®, SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE), Teradata and EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) Postgres Advanced Server®, with SharePlex. Only SharePlex provides Java Message Service (JMS) queues, flat file output to SQL and XML, in-flight data integrity, monitoring and alerting functionalities, as well as great customer support — all in one affordable solution. SharePlex ensures high availability and business continuity, and enables you to meet your database operational goals. It provides a real-time copy of production data — without impacting your OLTP system’s performance and availability. The data is continuously replicated from one database server to another, with no scheduling required. It immediately replicates any change in data on the source to the target, so the target database is always in sync and the data is always instantly available. And unlike any other solution, SharePlex employs a streaming process outside the database instance — creating a small footprint for minimal impact on database performance and network capacity.

Heterogeneous database replication for on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments

Achieve high availability, scalability and data integration through real-time database replication across on-premises, cloud or hybrid databases. Take advantage of emerging, open source or streaming databases with zero impact to mission-critical applications on Oracle or SQL Server databases.
SharePlex database replication empowers your organization to achieve its database goals now and into the future. Make use of built-in monitoring, conflict resolution, data comparison and synchronization capabilities backed by award-winning support.

SharePlex provides Oracle and SQL Server database replication to the following target platforms — and more:



Oracle Database in highly available and scalable configurations rapidly provisioned and ready for use in minutes.

SQL Server


Oracle Database with administration fully managed by Oracle or under your control with one-click built in automation.



Add capacity on-demand and scale OLTP and Data Warehouse workloads as your business grows from startup to the largest enterprise.

JMS queues


Oracle Cloud protects the entire lifecycle of data both in transit and rest. Database access is monitored/ recorded for audit and control.

trending_up CLOUD

SharePlex for SQL Server

Simplify SQL Server data replication.
Easily replicate data to and from SQL Server standard or enterprise edition without the added overhead of maintaining the infrastructure required with native replication. Battle-tested, fault-tolerant SharePlex processes capture change data until posting to destination databases, ensuring near-zero downtime to your critical application environment.
Offload reporting to improve database performance.
Improve the performance of your transactional databases by offloading noncritical workloads to lower-cost platforms. Create real-time repositories of SQL Server transactional data for business intelligence and analytics without having to rely on batch processing or snapshots.
Replicate data to the cloud.
Expand your database possibilities by replicating your on-premises Oracle or SQL Server databases to a cloud-based SQL Server environment for greater scalability and data integration.

trending_up Oracle Cloud

Accelerate Innovation In Your Business

All business needs are unique. If you see a cloud provider offering a one size fits all solution for your business- turnaround and run as fast as you can. There is not a one size fits all solution because all industries and businesses are different. In order to have the best growth strategy in place for your business- you need a complete and personalized cloud that can be tailored for your unique business needs.

Oracle Cloud Services Delivered in Your Data Center

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Cloud Innovation in Your Datacenter

Get the latest software & updates as Oracle Cloud in your own datacenter. Modernize your infrastructure & platforms without having to compromise on data residency.

Rapid Application Development

Enable rapid application development, DevOps, and the latest cloud architectures in your core business. You focus on your application; let Oracle manage the platform.

Write Once. Deploy Anywhere

Develop, test, and deploy across Oracle public and private clouds without rewriting applications. Full workload portability between your premises and Oracle Cloud.

Flexible Subscription Pricing

Unlimited usage within different capacity tiers for a flat monthly fee. No need to purchase hardware, software, or maintenance services.

Moving your applications to the cloud gives you simplicity of automation

trending_up Autonomous

- Self-driving with fully automated patching, upgrades, backups, and integrated availability architecture.
- Autonomously performs management functions to eliminate potential costly, manual error-prone processing.

trending_up Efficient

- Self-tuning database consumes fewer computer resources than a human-tuned system.
- Resources are only provisioned as needed by types of workloads, minimizing cloud resources consumption.

trending_up Enterprise

Self-securing administers security automatically with self-patch and self-updates.
- All data is automatically encrypted.
- Access is monitored and controlled to protect from external access as well as

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