The Dental Clinic Management System

Dental Clinic Management System provides user-friendly and comprehensive functions covering standard image-enabled patient records, configurable treatments and billing plans, and integrated inventory, accounts and reports management.Dental software provides easy access of the data in advanced and ordered fashion. The software maintains individual patient account ledgers for each treatment. Also includes appointment schedule. It is easy to search and retrieve the information stored, related to patients. Previous medical records are used to manage documents of patients visited earlier. It includes complete reporting system and helps to build the Dental Case Reports. Helps to store images. Advanced document management system to manage the documents of patients.

Ultimate solution for any kind of:

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  • Diagnostic Center
  • Doctor’s Chamber
  • General Hospital
  • Dentist Chamber etc.
  • Dental Clinic
  • Our project aims at creating an application which will automate the process in Dental Software. Using this it is possible to keep a track of a database for clinic like information about the patient like appointment schedule, personal records, previous medical records, treatment records, prescriptions, case reports and images. The dental software is used for collecting, managing, saving, and retrieving medical information for the patients, and for creating reports for the patients. Patient records are used by the dentists in order to organize the records of the patients in their practice.

    The dental imaging, defines software used for creating, processing, viewing and storing dental X-Rays, intra and extra-oral images.

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