Cloud is very useful in need of a revolution. permitting firms to perform quicker, a lot of innovative and more competitive. TIME TO MANEUVER - because the solely No. 1 measuring system for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google, we tend to apply our useful experience to assist you with the strategy, temporal order and road-map, creating your journey fast and easy. WDG Technology strategy is business strategy. Cloud nowadays is typically viewed by enterprises as part of a bigger strategy, around digital, transformation, cost saving and getting into new markets. Cloud is associate enabler of alternative strategies. WDG provide services that were once thought impossible, to differentiate and pioneer. we've the capabilities to go beyond the far side rising a competitive position, by dynamical change the field entirely.
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Speed of implementing new cloud solutions.

Accelerate speed to worth and increase agility by reducing the time required to develop and deploy new business solutions.

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Cost efficiency and optimization of IT.

Optimize resource usage to assist cut back operational costs and improve ROI. Offer higher consumption and cost-management with improved analytics, forecasting and reporting capabilities.

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Governance and cloud management controls.

Simplify oversight with centralized cloud governance using analytics, cost controls and policy management offer increased visibility.

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WDG software for managing private and public clouds.

WDG Cloud package controls giant pools of reason, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or via the Clouds API. WDG Cloud works with in style enterprise and open supply technologies creating it ideal for heterogeneous infrastructure.
WDG Cloud to run their businesses on a daily basis, reducing prices and serving to them move quicker. WDG Cloud encompasses a robust system

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Cloud management tools

WDG Cloud management requires a tools. Public cloud providers have developed highly specialized tools for monitoring, orchestration, cost management, security and more to match the capabilities of their services.


See however a single console to look at and management applications across all clouds and servers will create cloud management less complicated. WDG Cloud tend to options enough basic components for you to induce a feel of the planning, design and conjointly test the standard of the code. Get it today!
  • checkSingle console for all clouds
  • checkCompute, storage, and network
  • checkResource discovery
  • checkUniversal tag management
  • checkEasy-to-deploy agent
  • checkExtensible monitoring
  • checkOperational scripts
  • checkCustomized alerts and escalations
  • checkAuto-scaling
  • checkStandardized templates
  • checkDocker support
  • checkHierarchical cloud account access
  • checkUser and group permissions
  • checkIntegrate to AD or other services
  • checkComplete audit trails
  • checkKey management
  • checkSingle API
  • checkCLI tool

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